About our company

The ENSO Law Firm was established in 2003. The Company renders legal services of high quality for Russian and foreign business and guarantees reliability, efficiency, safety and absolute privacy.

Geography of the project

In 2007, the Company attained the federal national level. Nowadays, its offices are situated in Moscow and Ekaterinburg. ENSO is ranked first in the list of legal companies of the Urals region, and it is one of the best ones in Moscow.

Activity area

Activities of the ENSO Law Firm are the following:

Commercial practice – elaborating contractual schemes (distribution of goods, project finance, concerted activity, investments), local documents, legal resolutions within the framework of civil, business and labour law. ENSO carries on legal support of business, including the one based on a subscriber service principle.
Corporative relations and intellectual property – support of corporative relations (developing and carrying on documentations, arrangement of circulation of documents, organizing and holding meetings, support of actions of the Board of Directors and executive bodies, participation in corporative disputes, support of paper issue), bankruptcy, establishing holding companies, and arranging functioning of management companies; protection of intellectual property rights.
Land. Real Estate. Investments – legal protection and formalization of realty, including land, legal support of investment projects, registration of rights for use of natural resources, and ecological audit.
Court Representation and Mediation – protection of interests in the arbitrage and courts of general jurisdiction; dealing with claims, supervision of implementation of court decisions, and rendering services of mediation and collecting debts.
Tax Planning – providing for elaboration of situational schemes of tax payment optimization, organization of the company taxation system for timely analysis of consequences of various management decisions in terms of taxes; international tax planning.
Accounting – accounting of companies, forming financial accounts, statements for tax and off-budget funds, consultancy over all changes in law and issues associated with accounting and taxes, restoration of accounting concerning past periods, cadre accounting; financial and business analysis of companies, and representation in tax authorities.
GR – support business by making changes to the legislation via lobbying.

Professional competency

The list of our clients includes public authorities, major Russian and foreign companies operating in various fields, financial institutions and educational institutions, and mass media. ENSO cooperates with law companies from Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Latvia, China.
Among are international partners are:

    • Osborne Clake (Great Britain);
    • Lebuhn & Puchta (Germany);
    • Kramer & Partner (Germany);
    • Zarth Lahmsen schiel Qualmann (Germany);
    • Beiten Burkhardt (Germany);
    • SIA RIDA COMPANY (Latvia);
    • Consulco (Ciprus);
    • The following embassies recommend ENSO as a legal company to work with: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, France, China.

Competitive advantages

Major competitive advantages of the ENSO Law Firm are the following: high intellectual potential of employees, use of modern legal technologies, focus on interests and needs of Trusters and special features of their business; availability of federal and international partners. Peculiarity of the Company activity is that our experts apply the “legal creativity” method using unconventional approaches to settling issues and presenting necessary information.
All these features favour development and prosperity of our Trusters’ business and contribute to the leadership of the ENSO Law Firm within the market of legal services.