Alexander Yezhov



In 1989 he graduated from the law faculty of the Udmurt State University.


Legal support of corporate activities of companies and businesses, including acquisition (purchase) of control packages of open joint-stock companies; preparation, implementation of transactions with assets controlled or falling within the scope of the company's interests; the construction of schemes for the acquisition of enterprises, the management of companies with unfriendly shareholders, the protection of the interests of the company in disputes with shareholders, issuers, the Federal Financial Markets Service, the protection of the company's property, including shares, stakes in capital and real estate.
Analysis, optimization of the existing organizational and legal structure of business in accordance with the goals and objectives of the company; preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders and participants and registration of the results of their holding in large joint-stock companies; maintaining shareholders' registers; legal support of the activities of general meetings of shareholders and participants, the Board of Directors, the Management Board, the alienation of immovable property and property obligations; participation as a representative of the company in the General Meetings of shareholders and participants, development of a voting strategy on the agenda issues.

Judicial protection of the interests of the company and its subsidiaries in the arbitration court and the court of general jurisdiction on corporate disputes (invalidation of decisions of the Shareholders General Meetings, the Board of Directors, invalidity of transactions with shares, recognition of ownership of shares and stakes in authorized capital, labor disputes on reinstatement at work head of the joint-stock company).

Consulting and developing positions on legal issues in the framework of company activities: registration and support of large transactions and related-party transactions, development of local regulations, development of proposals for introducing changes and amendments to the charters and internal regulations; disclosure of information on the joint-stock company to investors and other interested parties, mandatory disclosure of information of the issuer of equity securities (quarterly reports, material facts, lists of affiliated persons, bonds prospectus).

He headed the direction "Corporate Practice" in 2016.

Alexander Yezhov