Membership in organizations

The ENSO Law Firm is a member of various organizations, associations and non-commercial partnerships. Nowadays, the ENSO Law Firm takes part in the following organizations:

Alumni Association of the Presidential Programme

Юридическая компания «ЭНСО» — одна из наиболее успешных и профессиональных российских юридических фирм. Компания основана в 2003 году. Базируясь в Екатеринбурге и имея офис в Москве, компания предоставляет российскому и зарубежному бизнесу высококачественные юридические услуги по международным стандартам. Своим Доверителям "ЭНСО" гарантирует надежность, эффективность, безопасность и полную конфиденциальность

Regional Association of Small-Scale and Medium Business Employers

The ENSO Law Firm is a founder of the Regional Association of Small-Scale and Medium Business Employers of the Sverdlovsk region. The principal purposes of the partnership are: protection of the legal interests and rights of employers, championing their interests before public and local authorities, legislative bodies, social and non-commercial organizations. Managing Partner of the ENSO Law Firm Alexey Golovchenko is the First Vice-President of the Association of Employers of the Sverdlovsk region.
Association for Consumers’ Rights – the Sverdlovsk regional social organization 
The purpose of its activity is helping citizens protect their rights as consumers.

Union of Consumer Market Participants

The Union consists of more than thirty all-Russian trade associations and unions, a number of largest companies producing and selling consumer goods, expert centres, social organizations. Intense work takes place within the framework of the partnership on elaboration of a common position on the issues of legal regulation of the consumer market and development of its infrastructure.

Urals Trade and Industry Chamber

The Urals Trade and Industry Chamber is a non-governmental non-commercial organization based on membership. It comprises several hundreds of companies, commercial and non-commercial organizations, largest companies, and individual entrepreneurs. The ENSO Law Firm takes part in functioning of the Intermediate Economic Court of the Urals Trade and Industry Chamber within the framework of the cooperation within the Chamber.
Union of Small-Scale and Medium Entreprise of the Sverdlovsk region – non-commercial partnership 
The Union is a non-commercial partnership of social organizations, companies and entrepreneurs. Its principal aims are the following: generalization of entrepreneurs’ proposals, protection of rights and interests of its members, arrangement of constructive dialogue with public authorities and municipal offices for settling the small-scale and medium enterprise problems.

Russian Consumers’ Association – all-Russian social movement

The movement was established on the initiative of Russian citizens supporting the efforts of the government aiming on building up society with high standards and quality of life. The Movement considers legal education and protection of the rights of national consumers and consumer community to be its principal objective.

OPORA RUSSIA – social organization

The principal purpose of the activity of OPORA RUSSIA (all-Russian social organization) is rendering assistance to consolidation of entrepreneurs and other citizens for their participation in forming favourable political, economic, legal and other kinds of conditions of the enterprise activity in the Russian Federation which would support effective development of the economy.

Business Russia – All-Russian social organization

Business Russia is a union of entrepreneurs of the new generation of the Russian business. Business Russia comprises businessmen from 70 regions of the Russian Federation and 35 trade associations. Experts from the ENSO Law Firm work out documents on legal issues, take an active part in the events aiming at the development of the Russian economy and keeping it modern.
Nowadays, efforts on joining the international legal community represented by IBA – the International Bar Association – are made.
It is one of the authoritative organizations in the whole legal community of the world, “the global voice of the legal profession”. Prominent international organizations and single states consider the opinions of this association.