Judicial Practice

Judicial representation and mediation - assistance of professional lawyers in solving the most difficult situations (bankruptcy; property, family, labor and inheritance disputes, etc.) at any stage. Including: writing of claims in preparation for the trial, representation in all courts at all stages, support of enforcement proceedings, rendering services on extrajudicial settlement of the dispute (mediation), collection of debts.
It is difficult for a person who is poorly versed in the law in general,  to represent his interests in court. Should this happen, the case must be submitted to a lawyer. A lawyer is a specialist in the field of law. He has sufficient knowledge in the field of jurisprudence to represent the client in court.
Services for judicial representation may include:

  • legal advice,
  • drawing up a statement of claim,
  • participation in court proceedings,
  • appeal against court decisions, etc.

There are specialists in every field of knowledge  As there is a doctor in medicine, so there is  a lawyer in jurisprudence. In order to obtain the maximum result, you must trust a qualified lawyer. First of all, the lawyer gets acquainted with the circumstances of the case, thinks the course of action is statements of claim, petitions and other documents appeal the court's decision, and so on.
Our company offers legal services for representation in court. Each lawyer has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. It is these important qualities that help ensure a successful resolution of the case. Cooperation with a professional lawyer frees the client from drafting documents. Due to experience, the lawyer knows exactly how to achieve the desired solution. The collection of evidence is also a rather complicated procedure. Need to know all the details of the case, laws that may resolve a particular dispute.
Our lawyers have rich experience in representation in court and take up cases of any complexity. We provide representation services in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction in all instances of both individuals and legal entities. We provide legally competent protection of the interests of the client and provide qualified assistance to persons who for one reason or another do not have the opportunity to represent their own interests in court.
The representative has the right to perform all procedural actions on behalf of the person being represented. He also has the right (if specified in contract):

  • to sign the statement of claim and bring it to court;
  • to submit the dispute to the arbitral tribunal;
  • to counterclaim;
  • to change the subject matter or cause of the claim;
  • to conclude an amicable agreement;
  • to appeal the judgment;
  • to present an enforcement document for collection;
  • to receive the awarded property or money.

Our services in the framework of judicial practice:

  • Representation in court
    • Representation in arbitration court
    • Representation in courts of general jurisdiction
      • Hereditary disputes
      • Family disputes
      • Labour disputes
      • Consumer protection
      • Judicial protection of honour and business reputation
      • Other disputes
    • Representation on appeal
    • Representation in the cassation instance
    • Representation in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation
  • Debt collection
  • Bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution (mediation)
  • Claim work
  • Support of enforcement proceedings